More than 10 men admit that their individual homes are likely to be very comfortable as well


It’s widely believed that only a lady can make an area cozy while one man is doomed to measure during a place filled with trash and dirty socks. actually , this stereotype is so old that we’d like to urge obviate it as soon as possible.

At the daily great, we found 14 facts that prove this stereotype is wrong.

1-“I haven’t owned a room or a private bed for 20 years. This is my first purchase for my room”

2-“I am a new widower, but everything is fine, I am hoping for the emptiness by taking care of plants”

3-“My ex-girlfriend took the sofa with her, but in the end I got the one I always wanted”

4-“I managed to make a coffee table, console table behind the sofa, and was able to install the factory rod out of steel tube myself. I also had to paint the window frame black for a more dramatic look.”

5-“I stayed over a month decorating my living room”

6-“I rearranged the room after my ex-wife left, and now I just need a bed frame”

7-“I recently finished my office space in my new apartment”

8-“My father and I built a floating bed”

9-“My wife had an affair with an athlete, the house was sold and we separated. This is my single bedroom apartment for a while”

10-“After years of living in basements of capacity with my colleagues, I now have a nice place to live”

11-“Newly celibate and made some investments in my living space. I’m very happy with my new room”

12-“I left my former place and created a better living room for myself”

13- “My little sanctuary”

Are there any single men among your friends?  What does their living space look like? Tell us within the comments below.





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