Over 18 meals from different countries made the tourists truly shocked


When we travel, we frequently determine that the meals we’re wont to are often very different in other countries. Sometimes, the taste seems divine and really often we don’t even realize how something like could occur in someone’s mind. And still, a number of these unusual combinations really work great together.

The fans of experiments from the thedailygreat team have scoured the web trying to find the strangest taste combinations. We’ve even tried some (but not all) of them. And at the top of the article, there are a few of bonuses for you: unexpected meals at McDonald’s restaurants around the world, and a user’s story about their failure at a French restaurant.

1-Strawberry vinegar dish.

Chocolate and strawberry or cream are your usual choices. But there are quite 2 options. How about strawberries with vinegar? this is often how strawberries are eaten in Italy (sometimes). There, people think that the sweet-sour taste of excellent vinegar gives new nuances to the sweetness of strawberries.


2-Chocolate with meat.

Chocolate lovers say that it’s good with almost anything, but we expect that they could be surprised that folks in Mexico eat it with meat. The classic Mexican Mole poblano sauce is formed of chili pepper, chocolate, cocoa, and tons of other spices. It is prepared with beef, chicken, turkey, and shrimp.

3-Yogurt fits a lot of things.

In Turkey, where they love spicy things, they add yogurt to most of their meals. this is often what a Quora user Gizem Acar says, “Yogurt on pasta, rice pilaf, chicken, beans, spinach, potatoes, stuffed grape leaves, etc… The list is endless. the way to compliment a dish? Simple answer; just put some yogurt thereon . It makes everything better. As a world student studying abroad, i noticed that this habit only applies to Turks.”

4-Avocado as a dessert

Avocados are used not only in salads, rolls, and sandwiches. In Brazil, they’re mixed with sugar and juice , and served as a dessert.

5-Condensed milk with soda.

“In Indonesia, we drink Fanta with sweetened milk or soda water with strawberry syrup and sweetened milk. We call it ‘soda gembira’ (literally: happy soda). I prefer to drink it with ice cubes,” Ray Djufril from Quora shares.

6-Peas in jelly.

In China, they use ground peas to form jelly. Boil the water and put the peas with salt in it until it becomes a paste. The paste is cooled down, dig pieces, and served during a bowl with beans and spicy condiment. The meal is named liangfen.

7-Salad with tea.

In the remainder of the planet , tea is mixed with predicament , but in Myanmar, they create a salad using fermented or marinated tea leaves. they’re served with fried garlic, vegetable oil , peanuts, chickpeas and ground ginger, shrimp, and fried coconut.

8-Burger with beetroot.

In Australia, a burger isn’t a burger unless there’s a bit of marinated beetroot thereon. Quora user Ruth Zweigenbaum Durfee says on the subject, “The weird things I’m doing right now are picked up in Australia. This is how fried eggs and beets on hamburger and sugar and lemon on pies.

9-Boiled eggs and pastries.

In Austria, for Easter, they create sweet pretzels with boiled eggs and ham. this is often what a Quora user Arrieta Zeha has got to say about it, “My grandma is from Austria and she or he always made (her children and us, the grandchildren) this delicious meal, but the remainder of my family (my mother’s side) think it’s a weird combination because tsoureki is nice whereas ham is salty and eggs Nice … People usually add salt to eggs, however, eggs are not salty.

10-Sandwiches sprinkled with sweet.

You don’t need to have a dessert to feature sprinkles. So, within the Netherlands, bread with butter is usually decorated with Hagelslag, which are chocolate sprinkles. According to Holska, a Reddit user, “Hot bread, it’s gonna melt.. It’s sort of a slightly more savory combat Nutella. this is often why I would like to maneuver to the Netherlands .”

11-candy potato.

During the good Depression within the US, we saw the creation of a weird dessert — potato candy. this is often how Reddit users miscalculatedrisks describes it, “I grew up thinking potato candy was a traditional thing everyone knew about. you’re taking a little chunk of potato (or microwaved, just gotta have the cooked, fluffy texture) and blend it with enough granulated sugar to make a malleable (but not sticky) dough. You then roll that out a few millimeters thin, spread a layer of spread thereon, roll it up, wrap the tube in wrapping, and chill it until it gets hard. then, just take it out and slice it into about 1 cm thick discs. A ridiculously cheap and fun activity for teenagers .”

12-Honey with eggplant.

In Andalucía, people think that serving eggplants with garlic and herbs is extremely boring. Eggplant is fried in oil and placed in honey.

13-Pepper with fruits.

In some countries in Latin America , like Mexico, people love chili such a lot that they even add it to fruits. Mangos, watermelons, oranges, and pineapples are dig pieces and sprinkled with chili.

14-Salads with fresh carrots.

Most salads have boiled carrots in them. But in France, carrots are grated and served with a mixture of oil, juice, herbs, and Dijon mustard. Sometimes, they also add fresh beetroots.

15-Breakfast on bread crumbs.

Bread is usually eaten with meals or wont to make sandwiches. But in Spain and Portugal, they use bread to form Migas. Bread crumbs soaked during a mixture of water, garlic, pepper, and vegetable oil are fried and served for breakfast or dinner. within the past, it wont to be a full-fledged meal, but now it’s complimented with pieces of meat or vegetables.

16-Fried cucumber.

In the USA there is an unusual meal in the South, Fried cucumber. This meal is additionally made in Korea and served with vegetable oil. In China, cucumbers are fried with paste and eggs. Reddit Cuddlesandnumbers user stated. I also prepared the cucumber once, out of curiosity, and wondered what would happen. Bring it so don’t like it.

17-Chicken dessert.

In Turkey, there are tons of various sweets — baklava, Rahat delight, and lots of other puddings. But there’s something very special among them. Its texture is soft and smells like vanilla and cinnamon. It’s called tavuk göğsü and it’s made from chicken meat with milk, sugar, and spices.
Reddit user j4mm3d states, “It’s a bit of a duke of sweetened milk with chicken that provides round texture.”

18-Bread stuffed with raw minced meat.

Minced meat is extremely popular for various meals, but it’s usually always fried or baked. In Germany, they create minced pork, add spices, put it on pieces of bread, and eat it. They call it mett. At parties, it’s served looking sort of a hedgehog with “needles” made from onion pieces. A Reddit user describes it like this, “It seems like it comes alive and kills you for your sins.”

19Herring milk.

Herring and can be eaten with none unpleasant consequences for the stomach. In Finland, they create a meal that has both of those ingredients.

Bonus number 1: Different McDonald’s.

Last summer, I bought a burger at McDonald’s within the Czech Republic and didn’t open it until i used to be back in my room. © Kanatan / Pikabu.

Bonus number 2: A story from one of our users

I remember we visited Paris in 1996. it had been the primary trip abroad for my husband and me. I ordered tartar. They brought minced meat with an egg. My husband was laughing. I asked the waiters to fry the meat. I felt terrible once I saw the waiters watching me and laughing. © Alina Lin / AdMe
What unusual meals have you ever tried? Maybe we’ve missed something that you simply can tell us about?



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